Content Issues(讨论邮件内容)


   The content of the email provides the communication or message. Email receivers have cracked down on malicious communication from spammers, such as phishing, malware and virus distribution, or scams, by implementing robust content filters. These content filters perform automated reviews of email content to look for unwanted email. Technically savvy users rely on open source content filters like the Apache Spam Assassin. Enterprises are more likely to rely on content filters like Google’s Postini or Symantec’s BrightMail. Amazon SES uses content filtering technologies to help detect and block messages containing viruses or malware before they can be sent.

   If the receiver’s content filter has determined that your content has spam-like characteristics, your content will likely get flagged and diverted from a recipient’s inbox. You can find some suggestions about how to avoid having your email content caught in filters, below.


   邮件内容是交流的基础。收信服务器一般都会有非常强壮的内容过滤系统,会过滤掉一些恶意内容,例如钓鱼邮件、木马或病毒邮件、或者欺诈邮件。内容过滤系统会自动评估邮件内容,丢弃不被认可的邮件。从技术角度来说,很多聪明的邮件系统会使用“Apache Spam Assassin”这类开源的内容过滤系统,一些企业级的邮件系统更倾向于使用谷歌的Postini或者塞门铁克的BrightMail产品。Amazon ses在发送邮件之前也会采用内容过滤系统,检查是否邮件内容中包含木马或者病毒,再决定是否真正发送。


Recommended Best Practices(推荐最佳操作方式)


   Even when you have your recipients’ best interests in mind, it can be tricky to fine-tune your program for optimal impact. We’ve put together some pointers for you, so you can more easily do the right thing by your recipients and thus the ISPs.



General Recommendations(一般性建议)


  Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes. Ask yourself, “Is this something that I would want in my inbox?” If you find yourself answering anything but a resounding “yes!” then you probably shouldn’t send it.

  Be forewarned. It’s unfortunate for the good guys, but some industries have a reputation for poor quality email practices. It’s as simple as that. If you’re in any of the following industries, you should watch your reputation metrics closely to immediately rectify any problems.

  • Home mortgage
  • Credit
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Adult entertainment
  • Gambling
  • Work-from-home programs




  • 房屋抵押贷款
  • 信用贷款
  • 药品
  • 烟草
  • 酒精饮料
  • 成人娱乐
  • 赌博
  • 个人程序
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